American Renaissance is totally the Master Race

National Review Online has fired not one, but two racist contributors this past week. And while John Derbyshire will fit comfortably in the Wingnut Welfare system and get plenty of new jobs, the second contributor – Robert Weissberg – will have to hide a bit further under the rock of disgusting. Here he is (second from the left) at a conference for American Renaissance, a “White nationalism” organization that’s basically racist crap written to sound smart. Here is a photo of their recent conference:

I’ll just quote goon Aufzug Taube! because it’s easier than rewriting the exact same thing:

These are some goofy motherfuckers. But from left is Sam Dickson, a former Klan attorney who according to the SPLC has “built a multi-million dollar business in the niche field of tax lien and title acquisition” who has been successful in no small part due to “keeping his otherwise well-known racism concealed from his targets, many of whom are poor and black.”

Next is Donald Templar, a professor who is really into race and IQ pseudo-theories and is apparently crazy. Fourth from left is white supremacist radio host James Edwards. Then Jared Taylor, chief of American Renaissance. Long-haired dude is David Yeagley, a far right Comanche nationalist. In the pink shirt is Richard Lynn, another eugenicist and race/IQ guy. Goth guy with the Hitler Youth haircut is Alex Kurtagic, a British dystopian novelist and black metal musician. On the furthest right (ha ha) is Guillaume Faye, a major French fascist theorist.

So give it up, racial failures, we’re all beaten…