Drain Clogs – 06-14-2010

Glenn Beck’s new book The Overton Window is at bookstores now, and if you can’t make it to Border’s to read a copy at the cafe without buying it, Media Matters has the breakdown. The important thing to know is “don’t tease the panther.”

Johnson and Johnson hired fake shoppers to buy up bad Motrin so they didn’t have to do a public recall.

Is the Red Dawn remake being kept from theaters by a Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy? Yes, that conspiracy is the Free Market, because MGM is broke. Damn you, Free Market, you commie Marxist Nazi!

We are never leaving Afghanistan – Trillions of dollars of minerals in Afghanistan
Oh, wait, we knew about this crap years ago!

Paypal has cut off notorious crazy lady Pam Geller/Atlas Shrugs from taking any more donations. Thus, Paypal and Ebay are now Muslims or something. Hey, maybe you can show your worth on the Free Market now, Pam!

Teabagger and Republican hopeful Rick Barber, running for congress in a primary runoff in Alabama’s Second District, has a new commercial where he has a seance with the Founding Fathers and features pistol imagry and talk of gathering your armies to fight the IRS.

Barber said that using the phrase “gather your armies” and stroking revolutionary-era pistols could lead some to get the wrong impression of his message — but there’s nothing that can be done about that.

“You’ve always got some folks that could take it the wrong way,” he said.

NC Democratic Rep. Bob Etheridge beats up a “college student”, giving Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government project (via the Stage Right Show) another coup. Way to go, Rep Etheridge! I am sure rewarding Breitbart’s buddies by providing a reaction to their harassment techniques will prevent them from going even further in the future!

Cartoon of the Day: