The Statue of Liberty is UnAmerican!

Yes, Right Wing Nuts are actually saying this! Oklahoma City-based pastor John Benefiel, the head of the Heartland Apostlic Prayer Network and friend of Texas governor Rick Perry (who is also going to Perry’s big Day of Prayer event) Libertas is also called the Freedom Goddess, Lady Freedom, the Goddess of Liberty. You know there’s… Continue reading The Statue of Liberty is UnAmerican!

Drain Clogs 3-17-10

Texas Governor Rick Perry living large! Congratulations to new Miss USA Rima Fakih, partially because she beat AZ immigration law supporting Miss Oklahoma, and partially because she’s spawning retarded columns like this one from Wingnut Daniel Pipes claiming there is a conspiracy to have Muslims win beauty contests. Newt Gingrich – wingnut?? Who would have… Continue reading Drain Clogs 3-17-10