Resistnet and Walter Fitzpatrick – Buddies!

Walter Fitzpatrick a bigwig of the American Grand Jury, which is basically Fitzpatrick and a few other guys who sit around, declare themselves a Grand Jury, and file charges against Barack Obama and basically everyone in Congress and the Supreme Court claiming they are committing fraud and treason as Barack Obama is really one Barry Soetoro, noted guy who isn’t an American.

To succeed in this plan, Fitzpatrick must get the Monroe County Tennessee officials to agree to charge Obama with treason and fraud, because just declaring yourself a Grand Jury doesn’t mean anyone will listen to you. So you would think Fitzpatrick would have a good working relationship with the local officials. Instead, Fitzpatrick becomes increasingly belligerent against the local officials, who don’t take his hand-written claims seriously, and soon Fitzpatrick declares that the Monroe County are part of the vast conspiracy.

You might remember this whole American Grand Jury nonsense when we discovered they were being headquartered out of China of all places! And if you didn’t, now you do. but back to Fitzpatrick…

Fitzpatrick’s blog – JAG Hunter – Now moved to The JAG Hunter – contains lots of random rants at how the Man is keeping him down in his quest to overthrow the president.

On March 17, 2009 Fitzpatrick “publicly and formally” charged President Barack Hussein Obama with treason in a federal complaint filed with James R. Dedrick U.S. Attorney, Eastern District Tennessee, and Edgar Schmutzer, Dedrick‚Äôs Assistant U.S. Attorney. The only response was the Secret Service showing up at Fitzpatrick’s house two days later.

Fitzpatrick was allowed to testify for around two hours before officials in August, who declined to take action, prompting Fitzpatrick to claim they forced them out of the courthouse. Things escalated from there as Fitzpatrick became more and more convinced there was a vast conspiracy against him and his battle for the truth of Barry Soetoro exposure.

By the time April 1st 2010 came around,

Walter Fitzpatrick walked into the Monroe county courthouse in Madisonville, Tenn., and approached Grand Jury foreman Gary Pettway. “I’m charging you with official misconduct,” Fitzpatrick calmly told Pettway. “I’m placing you under arrest. You must now come with me.

He did not in fact go with Fitzpatrick, and Fitzpatrick himself got arrested and spent several days in jail:

But then the story got spread to right-wing blogs via
Carl Swensson – – another American Grand Jury guy –
and a few others posted all over the place asking for help! And the call was answered…

By Darren Huff, Oath Keeper and former naval officer, who drove to Monroe County in his truck bringing along a Colt. 45 and an AK-47. The FBI was already watching Huff, and state troopers pulled him over, but didn’t arrest him, and although no violence happened that day, Huff then went on the radio declaring he had weapons and ammo with him, at which point the FBI arrested him believing he had the means and intent to cause violence in Monroe County.

Fitzpatrick is screaming that during his arraignment the government covered up evidence and a bunch of other ramblings, but none of that mattered.

Fitzpatrick was a former navy Lt. Commander who was court-martialed for financial negligence. Oddly enough, I never see any articles from the Birthers mentioning that Fitzpatrick was court-martialed, they are all too busy harping on his former rank as if that is proof enough that he is a mega-Patriot. But causing trouble in the Birther realm is not Fitzpatrick’s first brush with causing problems for people just trying to do their jobs. Fitzpatrick was being fun back in 2002, including declaring that some local officials back then weren’t properly elected (sound familiar??) and calling the cops on them, who just laughed at Fitzpatrick:

Commissioner Walt Fitzpatrick, who’s trying to dissolve the district because he claims it is collecting taxes for no purpose, dialed 911. He wanted Commissioner Steve Hoffman removed from the meeting because Hoffman didn’t file for office in the last election, in which he ran unopposed. That, says Fitzpatrick, means according to port bylaws, Hoffman’s no longer a commissioner.

Because the third commissioner, Roy Lee Anderson, didn’t show up, Fitzpatrick tried to stop the meeting – which never officially started – because it couldn’t be conducted with just one commissioner.

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Deputy Dave Anderson arrived and informed the group that the county Prosecutor’s and Auditor’s offices agree that Hoffman is duly elected.

“”We’re not going to make him leave,”” Anderson said. “”He is a commissioner recognized by the county.””

Most of the 15 citizens in attendance clapped.

Fitzpatrick claims that port bylaws, which read “”each member must be elected from each of the three membership districts,”” trump state law.

Resident Tom Carmichael agreed. “”It doesn’t make any difference what anybody says, the state, county or anybody. That (bylaws) is the controlling document, and we’re stuck with it,”” he said.

“”And you’re out,”” Fitzpatrick said to Hoffman.

Hoffman said he didn’t run for re-election because it would cost the port about $700 to be on the ballot. He checked with the county to make sure it was OK.

“”How come everyone in the county says I’m elected but you?”” Hoffman asked Fitzpatrick.

Despite the deputy’s message, Fitzpatrick still wouldn’t let the meeting proceed. Fitzpatrick, Hoffman, the residents and a few people who dropped by for the entertainment sat and argued for an hour.


Hoffman told Fitzpatrick several times that he can’t appoint himself port president and chair, as he did last month. At that meeting, Fitzpatrick declared that Hoffman wasn’t duly elected and three times offered Fitzpatrick’s positions to Anderson. Anderson declined, so Fitzpatrick, the newest commissioner, claimed the posts.

Thursday, the debate deteriorated to personal shots directed at Fitzpatrick by younger residents. It elevated to the point that one man asked Fitzpatrick to step outside.

This article was discovered via Bad Fiction, which is a pretty good blog and is getting linked here.

Fitzpatrick is now declaring everyone who refuses to listen to him illegally appointed, including a new person named Angela Davis who is also ignoring Fitzpatrick. as well as screaming treason is everywhere. There is probably treason hiding under your pillow. You should go check right now. We’ll wait…


You back? So it wasn’t Treason, just the Tooth Fairy? At least you got a quarter for your efforts!


While I was typing this up, Monroe Country hit the news again for another tragic reason. Monroe County Election Commission Chairman Jim Miller was found dead inside the trunk of a burning car. Jim Miller was active in the Republican party in the country and has ties to many local officials as well as the business community. The TBI are still investigating the murder.

A site I had never heard of called RightSideNews was quick to try to blame the Democrats based solely on the fact a commentor quickly blamed the birthers.

Moments after the story broke on the Internet – a poster by the name Eugene at the following IP address – posted the following public threat against Fitzpatrick –

“So Huff and Walter have already started their violent revenge that they promised against election and court officials in Monroe County… You have just started a civil war and we WILL destroy you thug birthers. No one will be on your side when they see what murderous thugs you are.”

The IP address is not registered to a Eugene. It is registered to someone named “John Smith” in Washington State.

Then they followed with

As a Republican Party conservative, it is ludicrous to suggest that any so-called “right-winger” was involved, though I have little doubt that every effort will be made to pin the event on some poor unsuspecting “right-winger” somewhere. This is the (MO) of today’s political left, as indicated by another left-wing poster named Jean Gibson…

“Darren Huff (a militia member of the “Restore America Plan”) (the group that sent all the threatening letters to state governers – is likely involved in this murder. I have been monitoring far right-wing militia groups for years and have noticed a LOT of threats coming from them and birthers torward politicians in Monroe County because the courts there wouldn’t hear Walter Fitzpatricks rigged jury “indictment” of Obama … Go do some research, you’ll see that Huff and Fitzpatrick threatened revenge on Monroe County. It’s not conspiracy theory it’s fact.” – 7/19/2010 3:31 PM EDT on

Obot’s are immediately on the story and immediately looking to pin this on a “right-winger” when in fact the man murdered was himself a “right-winger.” The facts support nothing they say or believe, but that has never interfered with Obot propaganda.

Of course, RightSideNews would enver stoop so low as to…

Many of the insane online posts from Obots have already been removed or deleted from the news blogs, and rightfully so. They are groundless and dangerous… putting many lives at risk in Monroe County, not the least of which is Fitzpatrick.

This is what corruption looks like in Obot-land.

My heart goes out to the Miller family. Mr. Miller appears to be one of the “good guys” in Monroe County. The people of Monroe County must take great care to watch as events continue to unfold.

LCDR Fitzpatrick is scheduled for trial in November, after yet another election of course. The nation will be watching to see what the “investigation” into Mr. Miller’s murder turns up.

This was a Chicago style slaying if ever there was one. The people will want to know who is really responsible and why…

Oh..yeah…I guess Obama just came to Tennessee to murder some random guy and leave him in a burning trunk. And no right wing person has killed anyone!

Now, our old friends at have been big proponents of this American Grand Jury, Birther, and driving your truck full of guns to Monroe County nonsense! Here is a random sampling of their posts with comments as usual: