FreeRepublic History of Copyright Infringement

In this thread, Bob J details some of the insider information of FreeRepublic’s copyright infringement lawsuits, both past and present. There is also a condemnation of the ineffectiveness of FreeRepublic in the past few years, largely due to a single figure that you can probably guess is the cause.

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We are not going to speculate on that last sentence, though we are “in the loop”

Bob J also explains why he is saying what he is.

Bob J was a valued member of and someone who helped take it to the next level. Despite disagreeing with Bob J on almost every issue, it would be stupid of me to not see how valuable of a person he would be to any organization. The fact that JimRob has been burning bridges like this for the past 13 years one by one is not only telling, but a future predictor of what will happen with tea party groups across the country. The few organizers who are sane or independent from corporate interests will be overridden and driven out by egomaniacs and sellouts.

In our next post on this subject, we hope to go over some of the past FreeRepublic protests, including such features as Bob J himself dressed as Clintonocci while protesting Hillary Clinton.

FreeRepublic purges have consequences….

Well, someone got ticked off they got zotted in JimRob’s latest purge over DADT:

Hello. You don’t know me under this name. For reasons that are going to be obvious soon, I didn’t wish to send you this message with my usual Free Republic account. This message is an invitation, a welcome to a new forum called

While I love the people who make up Free Republic, I have many complaints about Jim Robinson and his cronies who run the actual website. Over and over again, whenever somebody has complained or offered suggestions, they have been told by JimRob and others to go and start their own website if they know so much. Well, I’ve decided to take them up on that offer.

I’ve started for three simple reasons, and once you’ve read those reasons, I’m sure you’ll agree that we need to make a few adjustments if we want this powerful bastion of conservatism to remain. The first reason is simple: Free Republic is too important to left in the hands of JimRob. Jim and his son John have repeated stated that if just one Freepathon goal isn’t met, that’s it – “Free Republic will be dead.” I can’t stand the idea of America without Free Republic. Imagine if we hadn’t been there when Dan Rather was passing around his forgeries, how different things would be today. Now realize that, as things are going, we won’t be around when the next Rathergate happens. We can’t allow that to happen, and since JimRob has publicly refused to deal with this issue, we have to take matters into our own hands. My solution is

The second reason is that I believe that free market capitalism has made America great, and that attempting any other system will lead us to ruin. A belief JimRob apparently doesn’t share, since he continues to refuse to place ads on Free Republic and instead depend on a PBS-esque donation system. We are not NPR, and we are not a charity – why do we raise money like one? For this reason, I’ve developed to depend on advertisements. will not depend on donations, instead, we will depend on the opportunities provided by the free market to create a self-sustaining version of Free Republic – without the constant Freepathons.

The third reason is that JimRob is, in my opinion, a petty tyrant. How many of you know somebody who was purged? How many wonder if you may be next on the list? If you’re neither of these people, consider this: Giuliani was America’s Mayor in 2008. That didn’t stop JimRob from purging all his supporters without warning. How do you know that whoever you support in the Republican primaries won’t raise JimRob’s wrath? How do you know the next purge group won’t be Mormons, Jews, Birthers, Pro-Palin, Anti-Palin, and so on? I believe that purging the non-believers and demanding total mental agreement with the “Dear Leader” is the exact opposite of conservative values, regardless of where JimRob stands on abortion and homosexuality. And for that reason, I’ve set up as a place where conservatives who follow the rules will not be banned, no matter how much I disagree with them. Regardless of your politics, religion, or favorite sport team, you will only be banned for breaking the rules. is a purge-free zone.

So, I hope you’ve read all this, and will accept my invitation. If this seems like something you can believe in, come to, sign up, and start talking. And if you like it, spread the word. Because Free Republic is too important to just let die.

This may bet interesting, so stay tuned!