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2004 Freerepublic Obama thread

In prep work for the History of, I ran across this 2004 era Barack Obama thread. Let’s go through it and find out any similarities to 2010…

The Barack Obama-Alan Keyes Illinois Senate campaign was happening in 2004, here is FreeRepublic and Jim Robinson chatting about Obama, Alan Keyes (back when FR had a hardon for Keyes), and all things Freep:

Vanity: Alan Keyes for Senate
Aug 23, 2004 | Jim Robinson

I’ll make this short and sweet (kinda like this is your brain, this is your brain on crack – any questions?).

a) Alan Keyes is an America loving, Constitution loving, Liberty loving, pro-life ultra conservative. We’d be ^damned lucky to have him in the Senate if we could get him there.

b) Barack Obama is an America hating, pro-abortion socialist communist. It’ll be a dark day for America if he’s elected.

Any questions?

Yeah, how mad will you be if Barack is elected President? I guess we’ll find out…

We were surprised that Keyes got even one vote. (Not really)

To: Jim Robinson
Thanks for your post. While no one has actually made fun of me for suggesting that Mr. Keyes has a chance to win, I’m sure some were just being polite.

I think we may all be surprised. Alan Keyes is an excellent candidate, and he may well take the position away from the annointed liberal Obama.

10 posted on August 23, 2004 11:53:41 PM PDT by Judith Anne (I am almost convinced Kerry will lose his home state. I think Unca Teddy hates him.)

Keyes showed Obama was electable. Thanks, Alan Keyes!

To: Jim Robinson
thanks for the help!Obama is a very smooth and dangerous fellow.
Even if Alan doesen’t win,he will show the people just what Obama is.

23 posted on August 24, 2004 12:45:27 AM PDT by Cheapskate (“We got the Steeley Dan t shirts!”)

2004-era Birthers! And 2004-ere Birther shootdowners!

To: Gelato
Obama….He is likely to run for president in 2008
I thought that he was a “naturalized” citizen, therefore not eligible to run for President.

27 posted on August 24, 2004 1:01:41 AM PDT by sockmonkey

To: sockmonkey
Obama was born in Hawaii.

28 posted on August 24, 2004 1:04:13 AM PDT by Gelato

To: Gelato
Obama was born in Hawaii.
I’m sorry to hear that, but thanks for the info.

31 posted on August 24, 2004 1:21:12 AM PDT by sockmonkey

FreeRepublic…almost too liberal for ApesForEvolution

To: Jim Robinson
God bless you Jim, you and yours, richly, and Go Alan Go!

There is great hope alive at Free Republic! Man…I was this (*) close to writing FRoff…I couldn’t believe how FAR left THE RIGHT supposedly has moved, however, it really hasn’t – the GOP is obviously a centrist Party now.

However, it’s an influx of Liberal Moderates into the GOP precipitating friction against the Reagan Republicans and “American Sovereignty and Constitutional Representation” Conservative movement that seems so extremely wrong at the wrong time .. the Conservatives that brought us the “Contract With America” .. a HUGE, CONSERVATIVE SUCCESS which really made the current WH/House/Senate Republican Leadership ‘monopoly’ a possibility IMO.

Thank you for this post. The GOP better come together, or, yes, I believe that in order for a Civil War to happen in America, the GOP would probably have to have one first, which America can’t afford right now. The tables are tilting precariously on a high fulcrom point and we MUST MOVE RIGHT as a country, BUT WHO WILL LEAD THAT DIRECTION? ?? Someone has to or it’s a continuous drift left, until we are SLAPPED with a Carter or a Kerry…Good LORD…

32 posted on August 24, 2004 2:33:28 AM PDT by ApesForEvolution (DemocRATS are communists and want to destroy America only to replace it with the USSA)

communist crypto-Muhammadan Obamaosama infanticider – the best Obama nicknames are the ones invented years ago!

To: Gelato
Thankfully Alan’s ‘single issue’ position is so much more appealing than the communist crypto-Muhammadan Obamaosama infanticider…no blood on Alan’s hands, lots on Obamaosama’s hands…dead children’s blood.

35 posted on August 24, 2004 2:43:44 AM PDT by ApesForEvolution (DemocRATS are communists and want to destroy America only to replace it with the USSA

Period. And you’ll never hear from Obama again!

To: Jim Robinson
“Barack Obama is an America hating, pro-abortion socialist communist.”
I posted the exact same sentence (almost IIRC) a couple weeks ago on a thread in defense of Keyes. Jim Rob thanks for ‘coming out’ for Alan.

btw, for those here NOT from IL, Obama IS a communist – period. You can dress him up, send him to school and have him talk nice, but he’s still a commie!

Oh, and he’s no ‘rising star’ either. That’s leftist media tripe. Obama’s a 3rd rate back bench state Rep from a 6th rate Chicago south side district. And if the IL senate seat didn’t look like “a given” prior to the RAT convention, you’d have NEVER heard of him.

49 posted on August 24, 2004 5:24:15 AM PDT by Condor51 (May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t. — Gen G. Patton Jr)

Obama is a Nazi who needs to get carpetbagged. This is in 2004!

To: Sabertooth; All; Jim Robinson; EternalVigilance; ApesForEvolution; TomasUSMC; unspun; JustPiper; …
Sabertooth, I love you, man. But we really need you on the right side of this one (just as you were on the right side of the Cal Recall).
To all: It’s really this simple. By virtue of the fact that Obama has voted to let babies who were accidentally born be murdered, and by virtue of the fact that Keyes is fighting to prevent such murder, Obama is actually LESS qualified to serve as the Senator from Illinois than Keyes is.

Here’s my greater good analogy: The allied forces had a right, in fact an obligation, to conquer and REPLACE THE LEADERSHIP OF –or engaged in a “carpetbagging” of sorts– the Nazis in Germany.

In like manner, Keyes has a right to try to conquer Obama.

Furthermore, the left has been hypocritical and therefore has undermined any argument they have against carpetbagging, WHETHER OR NOT Keyes has spoken against it.

In short, Keyes is observing a greater good than Federalism, by fightin Obama’s holocaust.

Attention Philosophers and freepers: See “Hierarchicalism”, a.k.a “Graded Absolutism”, a.k.a. “greater good” –Aquinas, etc. Please make yourself familiar with the doctrine before responding.

95 posted on August 24, 2004 9:21:28 AM PDT by tame (Are you willing to do for the truth what leftists are willing to do for a lie?)

George Soros, Osama names, Manchurian Candidate, all from 2004, all the same crazy arguments. Nothing has changed except the volume of crazy, soon it will be over 11.

To: Jim Robinson
Osama Obama is funded by George Soros, the international financial manipulator, destroyer and looter of entire countries, promoter of “gay rights”, Christian-hater, Serb-hater, Israel hater, kigpin of the New World Order, and perhaps the most dangerous man in the world. Obama is nothing more than a Manchurian Candidate, and even liberals in Illinois should refuse to vote for him if they value American independence and freedom even a little bit!
Soros is also behind the Kerry-supporting “MoveOn” organization. So the same applies to Kerry as well!

Don’t let Soros take his “patented” method of destroying Balkan nations and apply it to America!!!!

161 posted on August 24, 2004 1:07:40 PM PDT by Honorary Serb (Kosovo is Serbia! Free Srpska! Abolish ICTY!)

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - August 18, 2010 at 7:31 am

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Tea Party Express/Mark Williams supposedly booted from National Tea Party Federation

So the National Tea Party Federation, the self-appointed bigwigs of the Tea Party group (aka the biggest front groups pretending to be grassroots) kicked out Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express over his famous letter to Lincoln.

This came to a shock to many in the Tea Party movement because they didn’t know there was a National Tea Party Federation! Yes, sorry suckers, you are just tools of the big money men! Oddly enough, the National Tea Party Federation was pretty low-key when it formed, the announcements were barely mentioned on the member groups we monitor and the whole thing sank into obscurity. The only reason Politisink hasn’t mentioned it was they announced the group around the time we were making plans to transfer over to Politisink from the TarsTarkas.NET Blog and I figured we’d mention them in September when their big march in DC was supposed to happen. But the news has a way of changing things!

The National Tea Party Federation is a real thing, they even have a website! Under the AFFILIATE RELATIONSHIPS banner we see a list of many big moneyed organizations including FreedomWorks, the National Taxpayers Union, the Family Research Council, and Americans for Prosperity. The complete list:

60 Plus
Americans for Prosperity
Americans for Tax Reform
Bannon Strategic Advisors
Citizens Against Government Waste
Citizens United
Constitutional Sovereignty Alliance
Contract From America
Doctor Patient Medical Association
Family Research Council
Heartland Institute
Institute for Liberty
Let Freedom Ring
Moms for America
National Taxpayers Union
Ronald Reagan Institute for
Conservative Leadership
Richard Viguerie
Tea Party Patriots Live!
Victory Media Group

We’re going to work on a spotter’s guide to help identify some of the Tea Party groups in the future.

But first, the Tea Party Express responded via TPE member Joe Wierzbicki (coordinator for the Tea Party Express) and insulted the size of the Federation (saying that the TPE’s 400,000 members is larger than the Federation – which claims over 1 million members, btw, so never trust any teabagger’s numbers – and then makes a bunch of Star Trek references and calls the NAACP the Real Racists:

The Tea Party Express with over 400,000 members is by far larger than the Tea Party Federation’s entire membership. Most rank-and-file tea party activists think we’re talking about Star Trek when we try to explain who the “Federation” is. Given the absurdity of the actions by the “Federation,” this is quite fitting, since their conduct is alien to our membership.
“Groups trying to say who can or can’t be ‘expelled’ from the tea party movement is arrogant and preposterous. Perhaps this explains why so many tea party groups have left the “Federation” during the past few months. Whatever the reason, most tea party activists are focused on taking back their country and the upcoming 2010 elections and not silly power games being played by individuals such as those in the “Federation.”

To add to the absurdity of the “Federation” they have also informed us that our members can’t participate in something called their “basecamp” communication network, which makes us think that the individuals involved in the “Federation” spend a bit too much time watching science fiction movies and cartoons. We here at the Tea Party Express prefer a focus that is more grounded in the Constitution and electing tea party conservatives to offices of import in these 2010 elections.

The “Federation” has enabled and empowered the NAACP’s racist attacks on the tea party movement, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Circular firing squads of groups within the tea party movement attacking one another accomplish nothing, and on this issue the Tea Party Federation is wrong, and has both enabled and empowered the NAACP’s racist attacks on the tea party movement. Which is something they’ll realize when they beam themselves back from basecamp.

As an additional note, whoever typed that up for CNN added like eight extra quotation marks for no reason randomly throughout the speech, which I had to edit out because we have standards here at Politisink (believe it or not!)

So reactions on were non-existant to the Williams letter, in fact, the site never even mentioned it until someone posted a thread late Sunday night asking what the frak was going on. No official Resistnet person has replied or commented about the latest development.

FreeRepublic has had a different approach. Besides most of the threads about Mark Williams’s letter getting pulled almost immediately, founder Jim Robinson (and Tea Party Express rider) has been fuming at the mouth about how they are NOT expelling Mark Williams:

I’ve caravaned across country several times with Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express and have attended hundreds of their rallies in nearly every state of the lower 57. I know that he is not a racist. Never heard of the Tea Party Federation. They are NOT my leader. In fact, they can kiss my ass!!

Jim Robinson leaderless Tea Party movement member.

11 posted on Mon Jul 19 2010 12:01:01 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) by Jim Robinson (JUST VOTE THEM OUT!

Well, I’m not going to expel him or the Tea Party Express from Free Republic, that’s for sure. As I said, the Marxist/racist NAACP can KMA!! So can CNN and the leftist main stream media. And so can His Majesty, the racist/Marxist pig and wannabe DICKtator Obamassiah!!


44 posted on Mon Jul 19 2010 12:46:40 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) by Jim Robinson (JUST VOTE THEM OUT!

Well, as I said earlier, there is really no reason to attempt to satirize the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. They’re a joke. A cruel joke. They are satire. They’re nothing but a mob of America-hating, freedom-hating, redistributionist Marxist racist thugs. Eff ‘em if they can’t take a joke – Mark Twain.

50 posted on Mon Jul 19 2010 12:53:40 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) by Jim Robinson (JUST VOTE THEM OUT!

The NAAACP is UnAmerican!! They’re a far left Marxist wealth redistributionist society. And they are racist to the core!! Their entire identity and purpose for being is to foment racism and Marxism!! And you can tell them I said so.

Jim Robinson, leaderless TEA Party member.

59 posted on Mon Jul 19 2010 12:28:46 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) by Jim Robinson (JUST VOTE THEM OUT!

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - July 19, 2010 at 11:35 am

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