Drain Clogs – 03-30-2011

Donald Trump has gone full birther and released his birth certificate. Except it’s not a real birth certificate. He finally released his real one. Maybe someone can teach him how to use Google and see Obama’s, which has been online for three years now. Poor Republican Rep. Dean Duffy can’t live on his meager $174,000… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 03-30-2011

Drain Clogs – 06-24-2010

Kansas Republican Kevin Yoder doesn’t have children, so he hired fake ones, and then also hired lobbyists and executives to play working folk. I guess maybe Yoder can say he’s creating jobs or something… Bristol Palin is horrible….at acting California has a Whooping Cough epidemic. I am sure it has nothing to do with crazy… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 06-24-2010

Drain Clogs – 06-23-2010

How Ronald Reagan destroyed America in chart form Jack Abramoff – disgraced lobbyist and one of the main reasons why the College Republicans are the scum of the Earth – is now working at a pizza shop in Baltimore. Maywood, CA is firing everyone and outsourcing the entire city. The Obama administration is now doing… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 06-23-2010