Drain Clogs 5-10-10

DailyKos has a good writeup on The National Organization for Marriage’s scary Ruth Institute, which wants to bring women into the good ol’ days of 1837! Featuring a specific goal of Maintain at least a replacement-level birth rate, so that the devastation of a European-style “demographic winter” is avoided. That means, breed like rabbits, white… Continue reading Drain Clogs 5-10-10

RedState blogger mocks Roger Ebert’s lack of USA respect, cancer

Caleb Howe loves to push buttons (it comes with the Conservative wingnut territory I suppose). As a member of the site RedState.com Caleb has his own little chunk of internet to report on whatever he feels like, and we know Caleb is the real deal and not some fly-by-night Tea Bag because he’s been registered… Continue reading RedState blogger mocks Roger Ebert’s lack of USA respect, cancer

Wingnut Web and the Husband Who Invented Everything

Boy, Resistnet.com sure attracts the smartest people in the universe. Just check out what the “grassroots” organization’s typical member is capable of, and you will realized us liberals are doomed. DOOMED!!! Yep, a 190 IQ, self-taught quantum physics, and universities pay him to build stuff for them. FYI, to have a 190 IQ is so… Continue reading Wingnut Web and the Husband Who Invented Everything

The Teabagger Boogie

From the man who brought you the GEICO Insurance ad announcer voice, who was recently fired from his job for having an opinion on something ridiculous, brings you another Tea Bag-tacular event you won’t want to miss, The Teabagger Boogie (Dick Armey’s Army of Dicks): This DC Douglas guy is awesome, his new full time… Continue reading The Teabagger Boogie

Passing what onto the children?

Even deficit hawks are admitting that “starving the beast” was a bad idea: I believe that to a large extent our current budgetary problems stem from the widespread adoption of an idea by Republicans in the 1970s called “starve the beast.” It says that the best, perhaps only, way of reducing government spending is by… Continue reading Passing what onto the children?

Drain Clogs 3-7-10

CrroksandLiars has a breakdown of how Freedomworks’ new scam for BP looks awfully familiar to fans of Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, and Indian Casino lobby scams. Machete’s trailer has caused Wingnuts to go insane. Or more insane. School for Disabled Forces Students to Wear Backpacks That Deliver Massive Electric Shocks If you can think of… Continue reading Drain Clogs 3-7-10