Obama Oval Office Redecoration Celebration Creation Station

Obama redid the Oval Office like all modern presidents except Jimmy Carter did (that statement means the journalists did a bit of research but then gave up before having a definitive list), so RedState.com announced a photoshop contest which failed.

So then FreeRepublic.com busted out some entries!!!



Click for huge:

Someone is desperate to link Obama to the Jeffersons

Freepers try to be subtle

The ironing of using Ernie Barnes here has pressed all my suits for a year:

This one is my favorite, because every time I look at it I see something new and awful. How many hours did they spend on it?

Thanks to Seventyfour for finding these


The best part of being busy is not having time to do what you like to do. Did I say best? I meant worst. So to make up for the sparse posts this week here is a random image culled off of FreeRepublic or Resistnet that’s from IOwnTheWorld.com, a “humor” conservative site that is about as funny as your infant daughter being devoured by wild boars.