Drain Clogs – Gun Down Them Condoms! Edition

If you remember the Susan G Komen dumping Planned Parenthood debacle, don’t think that’s the end, because the Republicans have gone full speed crazy into the War on Contraception as part of their War on Women and War on the Poor. The Virginia House of Delegates just passed a bill requiring a vaginal ultrasound before… Continue reading Drain Clogs – Gun Down Them Condoms! Edition

PatriotActionNetwork gets perverted

In between failing at their rebranding and failing in general, Patriot Action Network seems to be getting a little naughty! We start out with this epic discussion of deep Muslim penetration by “reverend” Larry Wallenmeyer… And that leads to this wonderful comment by John L. Armstrong about students being insemination with marxist crap. Holy two… Continue reading PatriotActionNetwork gets perverted