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FreeRepublic – How was it decided that the Supreme Court should exist?

From the They Can’t Be Serious! Files comes this most ridiculous quote about the Supreme Court you will read this day. It also highlights a very real fact that all these 110% Real American Patriot Tea Party True Americans have never read nor understand the constitution or anything else. So here it is:

To: All
How was it decided that the Supreme Court should exist? These people are chosen by Presidents, who obviously have their own agendas. These judges serve for life with complete control – long after the Presidents leave office. They answer to no one.
The Supreme Court makes decisions and the laws that they rule on affect all of our lives. That, in itself seems to be against our rights under the Constitution of the United States.

183 posted on Mon Jun 25 2012 11:12:03 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by LADY J (You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. – Author Unknown)
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Yes, LADY J is saying the Supreme Court is unconstitutional. This is a thing that happened. And dumb statements like this are going to spread and spread and spread. Welcome to America.

thanks to kik2dagroin for spotting this one!

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Drain Clogs – 06-28-2010

Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) has died. Our condolences to his family. For a complete obituary, TPM has the best one I have seen (from the AP)

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer thinks all illegal aliens are drugrunners. But she’s not-racist!

24% of Americans are unsure if Barack Obama was born in America.

I am sure all the teabaggers screaming about States’ Rights and 10th Amendment will be outraged that the SCOTUS overthrew the Chicago gun ban. Oh, wait, no they won’t!

The National Tea Party Unity convention coming up in two weeks has been moved to October. To quote Steve Benen:

A National Tea Party Unity convention that was scheduled to be held in Las Vegas in July will now take place in October, according to organizers.

The event, organized by Tea Party Nation (a national Tea Party organization) and Free America (a conservative non-profit group) and other organizations, will still be held at the Palazzo Las Vegas Resort. But Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips confirmed to CNN Saturday that the date is being moved from July 15-17 to October in order to hold the event closer to the midterm elections.

“We concluded it would more advantageous to hold the convention in the middle of October just prior to the November elections,” says Phillips in a statement.

At first blush, that spin may seem plausible. Maybe the far-right effort will be better off if activists leave their local communities a few weeks before the election, and head to a Las Vegas resort. I wouldn’t think so, but organizers didn’t ask me.

The more interesting angle to this, though, is what the report didn’t mention — the “National Tea Party Unity” convention is being postponed just two weeks before it was scheduled to kick off. I’m not an expert in conference management, but it seems to me that a national group doesn’t organize a major gathering at a Las Vegas resort, lining up speakers and guests, and then scrap the whole thing two weeks before it begins unless no one was planning to show up.

A shame we have to wait to get more insane videos.

Cartoon of the Day:

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