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Drain Clogs – 06-02-2010

Turncoat Rep. Parker Griffith got his butt beat in the Republican Primary last night. In the words of Baby Animal from Muppet Babies: Go bye-bye!

Former Florida GOP chair Jim Greer has been arrested and is charged with six felony counts of fraud, theft, and money laundering due to a shell company called Victory Strategies that he set up to skim money from his fundraising efforts. TPM has the affidavit if you want to read it for LOLs.

Palin is saying the Gulf Oil Disaster proves her Drill, Baby, Drill garbage was right! She also goes on to say that Jesse James and Tiger Woods prove marriage works.

Home sales soared in April, proving the economy is back on track. Or that people were rushing to buy homes before the tax credits expired and home sales will come crashing down when the May reports his. But, whatever, buy now or be priced out forever!

In the wake of Democratic Senate Candidate Richard Blumenthal lying about his military record, Republicans have come out of the woodwork to lie about their military records! IL Senate candidate Mark Kirk is a big fat liar, Rep. Gary Miller is a big fat liar, and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is a big fat liar about her dad.

Cartoon of the Day:

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Drain Clogs – 05-28-2010

Teabagging Nevada Senate candidate Sue Lowden dodges questions about her Civil Rights Act stance. Maybe she thinks Black people should trade chickens for civil rights!

Puerto Rican Man Almost Deported To Mexico – No, it wasn’t in Arizona!

Republican NV State Candidate Dennis Nolan Accused Of Bribing Rape Victim’s Sister

Glenn Beck mocks his intellectual equal – a little girl

More than 113 census takers have been the victims of assaults or attacks this month, the U.S. Census Bureau said late Wednesday.

Alabama Democrat-turned Republican Rep. Parker Griffith has been failing left and right to get support from the Republican establishment, who oddly enough still hate Parker Griffith and aren’t fooled by his party-switching to save his job. But he did get support from Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist. And he also hired a Gilchrist-ally’s consulting firm. Meanwhile, primary challenger Mo Brooks said that Jim Gilchrist refused to endorse him unless Brooks hired Gilchrist’s buddy’s consulting firm. Hmmmm……

Politisink hit over 1000 uniques in our first month! Good job, everyone. This just proves we are awesome!

Cartoon of the Day:

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