Drain Clogs – 07-12-2010

Republicans and Teabaggers are one and the same…who knew?? Oh, yeah, everyone except the morons in the media.

A Federal Judge has ruled DOMA unconstitutional.

TPM enrolled in the Glenn Beck University we wrote about before.

78 people were arrested in Oakland after the involuntary manslaughter verdict of BART police officer Johannes Mehserle for shooting Oscar Grant in the back, 75% of them not from Oakland

Republicans love the constitution except when they want to repeal large chunks of it and also add lots of new amendments. Just remember – they are the Real Patriots.

That lady Terry Savage who hates free lemonade goes on TV to attack free lemonade.

Crazy racist ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo calls President Obama “the greatest threat to the United States today” He then shot his shadow nine times for being “too dark”

Cartoon of the Day:

Another broken Obama promise...

Drain Clogs – 07-07-2010

Iran has a robot. Iran, the new Japan.
It's a Mecca-nical Man!

Mitt Romney is a moron, and gets destroyed by Fred Kaplan

Harry Reid put the Sharron Angle website back up, so props to Harry Reid!

I was gonna do an article on this before I saw it linked on Kos, and may still do one, but this is the worst opinion column of the year.

Besides pimping garbage about vaccines causing autism, HuffPo is now hosting a creationist and editing out criticism to said creationist from its own writers.

Cartoon of the Day: