Obama’s lust for power has lead his team to create a Facebook app

Facebook Users BEWARE!
Obama Supporters Launch Misleading Facebook Application
Which Steals Your Personal Information
Now the end begins, CLICK HERE

By Geoffrey Grider • October 24, 2010

Commit fraud. Obama’s lust for power has lead his team to create a Facebook app which data mines your page and steals as much sensitive information
as it can. As you can see from the photo below, it attempts to convince
you to give up everything about you, which is then fed into the Team
Obama database, and WILL be used against you at some future point.

This app wants to know everything about you, including your religious and political beliefs. If you see this app on your page, we highly recommend
you to not only delete the post, but also block the app and then block
the person who posted it to your page. This is war, people, make no
mistake about that. Because Obama’s Team has no intention of taking
prisoners – source – Kashmir Hill/Forbes
**PRIVACY TIP** We urge EVERYONE to go to PRIVACY… then bottom left… Applications and Websites… edit settings….
“Info accessible through your friends”,
Control what information is available to applications and websites when your friends use them.

Thanks to Regulator for posting this info!!!

Drain Clogs – 09-10-2010

  • Freedomworks head and Teabagger grifter Dick Armey thinks 3% of voters are dead and voting Democratic.
  • D.C. Douglas has a new video out about the Koran burning:

  • The Republicans are running homeless people on the Green Party to siphon off votes from the Democrats. This guy Steve May was on NPR defending this yesterday and he claimed he was friends with all these homeless people and they were real. He also wants to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn.
  • Arizona governor Jan Brewer can’t debate, but she sure can take $1.5 million from Timothy Mellon, a Wyoming millionaire to help defend her SB1070 law
  • Wifebeating racist cartoonist Mike Lester (who has been featured here as a Cartoon of the Day a few times) has gone all legal threats happy on a fellow cartoonist who dared to call Lester the racist he is!

    lease be aware that your comments are being monitored. Like all our readers, you are free to disagree w/ my cartoons. However, should you libel and or slander me or my newspaper publicly, we will seek legal remedy. We are also in possession of previous blog entries.


    Mike Lester

    Mr. Lester

    re: your hilarious and insane threat to sue me

    I appreciate your alerting me that my comments are being monitored. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but that is generally what people hope happen to their comments when they are posted on a website on the internet. I am glad to hear you are also in possession of previous blog entries. I too have internet access.

    As a professional courtesy, please consider spelling my name correctly when delivering any future baseless and ludicrous threats because your feelings were hurt. As a personal favor, please stop making racist, ignorant and illogical cartoons.

    -August J. Pollak

  • Iowa For Freedom is ticked over the gay marriage in Iowa and is trying to get a bunch of judges yanked. They are even lying about support from former SCOTUS judges to do it.
  • The Koran burning is on-again, off-again, with the tiny church pastor Terry Jones saying he’s not going to do it because the community center got moved, the community center not knowing what he’s talking about, and Donald Trump wandering in. And Fred Phleps is claiming he’ll burn Korans if the other guy chickens out. Who knows??? We’ll see tomorrow if things go up in flames.

    At Politisink, we agree the church has the right to burn the Korans because free speech is awesome, but free speech also gives us the right to call this shenanigan damn dumb. Because it is damn dumb.

  • Wonkette does our job for us (because Wonkette gets paid to do it, while we just update during lunch or after work) and posts a bunch of posts from wackos on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page that disagree with her on the Koran burning.
  • Our friends at Resistnet.com have freaked out over the Koran burning, by deleting every post that mentions it and even shutting down chat in an effort to stem the calls for Muslim Final Solutions that are appearing all over the site, probably because they know we’re watching them. Because we are. At the same time, the Resistnet Admins are going to New York with a petition to try to get the Community Center moved.
  • Already read Over the Cliff? Think American Taliban was keen? Enjoy people writing about how the Teabaggers are a bunch of suckers? Than this book (The Backlash by Will Bunch) might be interesting, but I haven’t read it yet so who knows?
  • Being in San Bruno when it explodes is not as fun as you might think. But Tanforan Mall stayed open extra hours for those of us trapped in traffic as the mountain nearby burned from the gas pipe explosion. At least 4 are dead and 38 homes completely destroyed with hundreds damaged.
  • Cartoon of the Day:

Wingnut Web – Facebook YourOpenBook Edition

Facebook’s privacy policy is the stuff of legends. Bad legends. Usually with monsters and stuff. Probably elves, and maybe even a goblin. And thanks to YourOpenBook.org, you can browse what people say on Facebook who haven’t bothered to set their privacy settings to private! You can find out all sorts of personal stuff, even phone numbers of some people. You also get to find out that certain people are crazy racists. And that is where Wingnut Web comes in!

Do you kiss your kid with those lips, Phil Wilson? I guess you do!

Krystal Steiner’s comedian criticism takes a nasty turn…while Adam Cathers knows the conspiracy goes: Motels…7-11s…Miss USA!

Brian Drake should write for an alternate universe Jay Leno who is unfunny. Basically, this universe’s Jay Leno.

Michael Donihe seems like a pretty level-headed guy

$10 says all Rose Aycock (what an unfortunate last name!) knows about India is that they fix her computer

Christine Estep – Jewish Confederate Treason in Defense of Slavery Patriot!

Katherine Mele is an expert of using words that she has no idea of what they mean

Robin Hogston Hawkins of Politically Incorrect Ning Site.com!

Get work not jobs the Barbara Welch way!

Sara Perz just likes Palin because they have the same First name and initials.

Okay, I’m losing track of the 50ish ladies with grey hair screaming things about socialism they don’t understand…

Chase Lewis, Skinhead Mall Cop! Rated R

On meth?

If you stare in the eyes too long, the crazy will devour your soul

The comedy patrol is out in force today!

The KKKomedy patrol is also out in force today!

I will bet dollars to donuts Ralph Chambers’s wife also has a Facebook page where she is screaming about Socialism Marxism Nazism Obamunism!

Greg Gatzke – 100 years a loser

The deadliest catch is the Census Catch-22.

Yeah, Obama! Why don’t you stop the thousands of people from dying…wait, no one is dying except the 11 guys who died in the original explosion? Obongo strikes again!

Time to wash your mouth out with soap, young lady!

I’m not even going to touch this picture/status update…

Yeah! Democrats are going to lose! WOOOOOOO!!!!

Yeah! Democrats lost to better Democrats! WOOOOOO!!!! Wait a minute!

Hey, Mark Coburn, way to break the law with this status update!

The weird thing is, she’s talking about airline peanuts!

does n e 1 know where my shift key is?

Maybe you suck at your job?

You cannot resist the ultimate power of…my bow tie!

Quick! No one tell Julie Jensen-Finch that you already are supposed to report garage sale income on your taxes! That way, she’ll get audited!

Considering it is so easy to use YourOpenBook.org, I am sure we’ll be revisiting this real soon.