Obama’s lust for power has lead his team to create a Facebook app

Facebook Users BEWARE!
Obama Supporters Launch Misleading Facebook Application
Which Steals Your Personal Information
Now the end begins, CLICK HERE

By Geoffrey Grider • October 24, 2010

Commit fraud. Obama’s lust for power has lead his team to create a Facebook app which data mines your page and steals as much sensitive information
as it can. As you can see from the photo below, it attempts to convince
you to give up everything about you, which is then fed into the Team
Obama database, and WILL be used against you at some future point.

This app wants to know everything about you, including your religious and political beliefs. If you see this app on your page, we highly recommend
you to not only delete the post, but also block the app and then block
the person who posted it to your page. This is war, people, make no
mistake about that. Because Obama’s Team has no intention of taking
prisoners – source – Kashmir Hill/Forbes
**PRIVACY TIP** We urge EVERYONE to go to PRIVACY… then bottom left… Applications and Websites… edit settings….
“Info accessible through your friends”,
Control what information is available to applications and websites when your friends use them.

Thanks to Regulator for posting this info!!!

Drain Clogs – 10-22-2010

A Texas GOP candidate (Stephen Broden) is calling for a violent revolution if the midterm elections don’t go the GOP’s way.

“We have a constitutional remedy here and the Framers says if that don’t work, revolution.”

“If the government is not producing the results or has become destructive to the ends of our liberties, we have a right to get rid of that government and to get rid of it by any means necessary,”

It’s funny because he thinks the Constitution calls for a violent revolution. Stephen Broden knows as much of the Constitution as Christine O’Donnell, which is absolutely nothing. As the midterm elections near, it is becoming more and more obvious that the Teabagger Constitution fetish is a giant fraud (something we’ve known for a long time) and they don’t give a flying frak about the Constitution, except the 2nd Amendment. And even then, I’ve seen teabaggers get that amendment number wrong before.

Teabagger Senate candidate Joe Miller (who claims not to be the Teabagger choice) has a goon squad as a personal guard who detain journalists and are linked to militia movements. More militia info.

Cartoon of the Day:

Drain Clogs – 06-11-2010

Welcome to the year 1810: Teacher fired for “fornication” for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. On the plus side, I can add the tag “fornication” to the blog!

Just a peaceful patriot: Militiaman and Birther Darren Westly Huff has pleaded not guilty for vowing to seize control of Sweetwater, Georgia, and round up the traitors blocking the indictment of President Barack Obama for his treasonous turn as commander-in-chief. He was running around Sweetwater with a lot of guns, and told everyone who would listen. Then the FBI arrested him. Noted “American Grand Jury” nutball Walter Fitzpatrick is also charged over these shenanigans.

South Carolina State Senator Jake Knotts got censured for his raghead comments, but Knotts says he “could care less”

The teabaggers and Freedomworks are protesting….trash pickup!

Three political activist groups are joining together Saturday to protest Gwinnett County’s new trash plan, which begins July 1.

The Four Corners Tea Party, FreedomWorks Gwinnett and Gwinnett Citizens for Responsible Government have organized the protest, which will begin at 11 a.m. Saturday at the gazebo next to the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse on the Lawrenceville square.

Now I can call them “trashbaggers” unironically.

Cato health policy expert Michael Cannon used Twitter to joke that illegal immigrants are very absorbent when told they might be being used to clean up the oil spill. He since deleted the tweet.

Somehow this is actually happening…

Japanese AV star with a doctorate, Anri Suzuki, 24, is having sex with Chinese students for free in Japan to apologize for her country’s invasion of China.

Suzuki won her doctors degree in history at one of the prestigious universities in her home country. Unlike other graduates, she focused on the Japanese invasion of China; writing the paper “The History of the Japanese Invasion into China.”

“We have to respect history and cannot obliterate it. I want to cure the wounds of Chinese with my body, and I am practicing this by having sex with Chinese students in Japan,” she said. “I think it is psychological compensation to them. Actually, Chinese students treat me more friendly and comfortably than Japanese.”

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