Drain Clogs – 07-27-2010

FreeRepublic.com is getting sued by a lawyer who buys up content rights from newspapers and then sues blogs that reprint the content. Basically, he’s a Copyright Troll, which is like a Patent Troll. He’s also a giant douchebag if this Wired write-up is to be believed. He has to be bad because we’re siding with… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 07-27-2010

Drain Clogs – 07-21-2010

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has apologized to Shirley Sherrod over forcing her to resign due to doctored footage on the Breitbart Big Hollywood site. Maybe the Obama Administration won’t be spineless douchebags next time…HA! One thing is for sure, the media will still treat Breitbart like a legitimate news source and not like the snakeoil… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 07-21-2010

Wingnuts destroy another life in fake NAACP racism flap

Lindsay Lohan is in jail. But enough of that important stuff, the Right has a new NAACP tape to distort and use as evidence that Blacks are the Real Racists! Andrew Breitbart will be a familiar name to you if you recall videos about pimps and ACORN. Much like how that video was heavily edited,… Continue reading Wingnuts destroy another life in fake NAACP racism flap