Tea Party and Joe the Plumber declare War on Puppies

Yes, you read that right! The Missouri Tea Party groups, Joe the Plumber, and a whole host of conservative douche-gobblers have all come out against a law that would stop puppy mills in Missouri. The War on Puppies stance from the Teabagger groups is gobsmackingly dumb, but not as dumb as some of the quotes… Continue reading Tea Party and Joe the Plumber declare War on Puppies

Drain Clogs – 09-10-2010

Freedomworks head and Teabagger grifter Dick Armey thinks 3% of voters are dead and voting Democratic. D.C. Douglas has a new video out about the Koran burning: The Republicans are running homeless people on the Green Party to siphon off votes from the Democrats. This guy Steve May was on NPR defending this yesterday and… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 09-10-2010

Calling their bluff

It’s really surprising to me that this Muslim cultural center a few blocks away from Ground Zero is still an issue in the media and in the political realms. The project was already unanimously approved by the only people who are authorized to make the decision in New York City, the build commission. It already has found… Continue reading Calling their bluff

Jesus – droppin’ the N-Bomb like it’s nobody’s business!

Amazingly, I have some free time, so here is an actual article! You all know Jesus, right? Son of god, died for our sins, loves everyone, misused by conservatives to justify killing anyone they don’t like. Did you know Jesus somehow has something to do with Helen Thomas and The Stand? Because that’s what Sonny… Continue reading Jesus – droppin’ the N-Bomb like it’s nobody’s business!

The “grownups” on financial reform

I need to begin with a little preface on this about “technical” issues: DON’T PANIC.  This is written assuming no prior knowledge, but if you’d like to read up a bit Mike Konczal (a former financial engineer) has compiled a fantastic primer on the technical issues, including interviews with some of the most qualified experts… Continue reading The “grownups” on financial reform