2004 Freerepublic Obama thread

In prep work for the History of Freerepublic.com, I ran across this 2004 era Barack Obama thread. Let’s go through it and find out any similarities to 2010… The Barack Obama-Alan Keyes Illinois Senate campaign was happening in 2004, here is FreeRepublic and Jim Robinson chatting about Obama, Alan Keyes (back when FR had a… Continue reading 2004 Freerepublic Obama thread

Drain Clogs – 08-17-2010

2nd Amendment wackos are driving away tax collectors at Wyoming gun shows. I guess they love America so much they refuse to pay for it. I can’t see anything going wrong with our latest secret wars. Oh, wait, these are the cool Secret Wars from Marvel comics… Here is a classic Salon story from Feb… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 08-17-2010

Calling their bluff

It’s really surprising to me that this Muslim cultural center a few blocks away from Ground Zero is still an issue in the media and in the political realms. The project was already unanimously approved by the only people who are authorized to make the decision in New York City, the build commission. It already has found… Continue reading Calling their bluff

Drain Clogs – 08-13-2010

TERROR BABIES!!!! A US politician is seriously discussing this, and a US TV Newschannel is seriously discussing it instead of instantly calling it a giant pile of horse puke. But at least Rep. Louis Gohmert makes a great case….at how freaking crazy he is! Beck makes sense for once in his life. Teabaggers hate net… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 08-13-2010

Breitbart’s “Uni-Tea” Festival was a complete failure

Further cementing The Tea Party’s, and especially Andrew Breitbart’s guilt, when it comes to the tactic of applying racism in order to achieve an agenda or rally your base. From the first announcement till a week after the event had ended, I knew Andrew Breitbart’s “Uni-Tea” party, held this past weekend in Philadelphia, was going… Continue reading Breitbart’s “Uni-Tea” Festival was a complete failure

Wingnut Web – Resistnet prepares to go to war (peacefully)

Boy was Resistnet mad when Arizona’s sb1070 was partially overturned by a federal judge. They got so made, they forgot they were supposed to be the peaceful resistance and just became the angry mob. Luckily, Politisink.com was there with our handy PrintScreen button and captured the action for all to see. Thrill as Real Patriots… Continue reading Wingnut Web – Resistnet prepares to go to war (peacefully)

Drain Clogs – 08-06-2010

Yahoo News has a guide to the latest Right Wing astroturf groups that they are dubbing the “Shadow GOP”. We’re gonna reproduce a relevant part in case this Yahoo News story disappears like others have in the past (not a conspiracy, their content just expires sometimes) American Crossroads: Founded in March by Rove and Gillespie… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 08-06-2010