Are you on the Tea Party Sucker List?

This article from the Washington Times (I know!) is a must-read!:

The pattern indicates the presence of valuable “sucker lists” containing broad swaths of tea party donors, many of whom eschew the party establishment and are new to politics, who will respond to generic attacks on liberals without careful scrutiny of where their money is going. Those lists then are rented at great expense.

It details fund raising among many rightwing groups, and goes over some of what we already knew, that many of the rightwing groups do nothing but fund themselves and donate nothing to candidates or causes. But the rise of the Tea Party has given rise to a whole new class of suckers, born much more often than once a minute. Several of my fake online personas have become put on some of these lists, even though my fake personas don’t donate anything. I’ll have a Teabagger MLM update as soon as I get enough free time to type it all up. Expect things to ramp up even more as we enter 2012 and election fever!

Hahn’s Homeboyz

Nothing I say will be as ridiculous as this ad from Turn Right USA for CA-36, described as Willie Horton on Steroids. Don’t forget to visit the accompanying website Hahn’s

CA-36 features Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn (D) against Teabagger businessman Craig Huey.

Yada yada yada election results

So things turned out rather mixed-to-bad on Tuesday. The Republicans sweeped into the House, while control of the senate remains in Democratic hands thanks to some awful, awful candidates fronted by the teabaggers. Granted, a few teabagger senators did get elected (Rubio and Paul). We survived eight years under the Bush regime, we can survive two years of Speaker Boner and the No Squad doing nothing. Expect subpoenas on all sorts of things to waste our time and money, including the Black Panthers, ACORN, and Obama being a secret Kenyan Muslim. The best news of the night was the passage of Prop B in Missouri. That was the Puppy Mill Prop, which you may recall meant some puppy mill owners were posting in the comments here not too happy. I bet they are even less happy now, but the puppies win, and Politisink will always support protecting puppies from the forces of evil. A bold stance to take, I know.

But Politisink will still be here to go over the crazy things rightwing idiots do, teabagger craziness, and general awfulness of conservatives, because there’s gonna be a whole lot more of it! And soon he 2012 election season will begin, with Sarah Palin going to run until she fails badly and then quits again. And I think that awful governor from Mississippi wants to run for president, which will also be fun when he starts burning crosses. Let’s not forget that this was only a warmup with corporate cash going into political funding, by 2012 the process will be perfected and you will never see a non-political commercial on tv again.

The face of victory!

It wasn’t a Republican victory

Pro Publica has a good story on how the “Blue Dogs” got slaughtered last night.  22 of them lost re-election and there’s good reason to believe that it says more about them than it does about their opposition.  That accounts for a third of the Republican gains.

The NYT editorial on this is far less terrible than I would have expected:

Voters in Tuesday’s elections sent President Obama a loud message: They don’t like how he’s doing his job, they’re even angrier at Congressional Democrats and they gave the House back to the Republicans. The Republicans spent months fanning Americans’ anger over the economy and fear of “big government,” while offering few ideas of their own. Exit polls indicated that they had succeeded in turning out their base, and that the Democrats had failed to rally their own.

Americans who voted described themselves as far more conservative than they did in 2006 and 2008 — and than the population as a whole. More than 4 in 10 said that they supported the Tea Party movement. But more than half of the voters said they have an unfavorable view of the Republican Party.

So we have some acknowledgment there’s a little more going on than Red Team vs. Blue Team.  Thomas Ferguson and Jie Chen did an analysis of the first “victory” in Massachusetts that predicted what would happen last night pretty well.  The following chart plots towns towns by median income on the x axis and decline in voter turnout between 2004 and 2006 (green dots) and between 2008 and 2010 (blue dots).

You can see that turnout in poorer towns declined much more in both periods, but to an even greater degree in in 2008-2010.  So we have a one-sided drop in turnout resulting from less than inspiring leadership rather than a “shift” towards Republicans.

Ferguson and Chen concluded:

Quite like a hurricane, this tempest has a clear dual structure. Our study suggests that in the eye of the storm – the old Democratic base – an ominous, unnatural calm is settling in that displaces the near-millenarian enthusiasm of 2008. We have seen how the surge in overall voter turnout in the 2010 Senate race disguised a drop in turnout in lower income towns that previously voted heavily Democratic. Recalling one more time the problems with inferences from aggregate data, we think it is safe to conclude that our data are consistent with the claim put forward by the Democratic campaign’s chief pollster, that Obama administration’s unwillingness to face down the banks and slowness in dealing with the recession have demoralized and outraged the party’s electoral base. The disconnect between these disaffected Democrats and the administration and party leaders looks to be deep.

Not a very pretty picture, but at least Gil Scott Heron understands:

We’re all suffering from a bit of election burnout!

But the good news is that it’ll all be over tomorrow*! Please go to your local polling place on November 2nd and vote in your local elections.

**Potential election results include: tight races reporting ‘too close to call’ spin out of control into burgeoning year-long recounts, Sarah Palin announces her bid for the presidency after Sharron Angle, Marco Rubio, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, and other Tea Party-backed candidates win in their respective races (and thus officially begins the longest presidential campaign in history), Andrew Breitbart getting so angry he throws a chair during his election night coverage gig social media participatory role on ABC, Tea Party poll watchers are rushed to the hospital by the dozens as activists try to paint themselves the victims of ‘voter intimidation’, and CNN’s Election Matrix 2010 become sentient and millions of viewers are horrified by the evening’s coverage (and Roland Martin’s choice of ascot).

Good luck politicians!

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