Are you on the Tea Party Sucker List?

This article from the Washington Times (I know!) is a must-read!: The pattern indicates the presence of valuable “sucker lists” containing broad swaths of tea party donors, many of whom eschew the party establishment and are new to politics, who will respond to generic attacks on liberals without careful scrutiny of where their money is… Continue reading Are you on the Tea Party Sucker List?

Yada yada yada election results

So things turned out rather mixed-to-bad on Tuesday. The Republicans sweeped into the House, while control of the senate remains in Democratic hands thanks to some awful, awful candidates fronted by the teabaggers. Granted, a few teabagger senators did get elected (Rubio and Paul). We survived eight years under the Bush regime, we can survive… Continue reading Yada yada yada election results

It wasn’t a Republican victory

Pro Publica has a good story on how the “Blue Dogs” got slaughtered last night.  22 of them lost re-election and there’s good reason to believe that it says more about them than it does about their opposition.  That accounts for a third of the Republican gains. The NYT editorial on this is far less… Continue reading It wasn’t a Republican victory

We’re all suffering from a bit of election burnout!

But the good news is that it’ll all be over tomorrow*! Please go to your local polling place on November 2nd and vote in your local elections. **Potential election results include: tight races reporting ‘too close to call’ spin out of control into burgeoning year-long recounts, Sarah Palin announces her bid for the presidency after Sharron… Continue reading We’re all suffering from a bit of election burnout!

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Drain Clogs – 10-29-2010

So the curbstomper guy is Tim Profitt, a (now former) Bourbon County coordinator for Rand Paul. He went on camera (hiding his face) demanding an apology from the girl whose head he stomped on! In order to respect Profitt’s wishes to hide his face, don’t look at this photo of him I’m posting: Here is… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 10-29-2010