Obama’s Space Robots

I was just surfing on PatriotActionNetwork aka PANetwork aka Resistnet grabbing images for a new Wingnut Web, and ran across John W. McSherry’s weird rant about space robots. Apparently, Obama has an army of space robots with lasers that will soon accidentally crash into the Earth and kill us all, or something. In any event, this is a magical posting that everyone must see!


And, yes, the new Wingnut Web is armed and will be fired off later in the week!

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PatriotActionNetwork’s reaction to the Tucson shootings

The shooter was a crazy Tea Party patriot! The shooter was a crazy leftist marxist who had a shrine to Obama in his backyard!

Unsurprisingly, the talkers on both the left and the right are barking up the wrong tree again. Like everything else in the news these days the “substitutive debate” on this incident has been nothing more than finger pointing at who is responsible for this tragedy. Of course if the media were crazy enough to approach the real debate here, how the public receives and is influenced by the talking heads on television and radio, they’d be inditing themselves. Obviously we’ll never hear about this end of the story from the lamestream media.

However, the internet has been abuzz with speculation and finger pointing! I decided to check in with our good friends over at Resistnet PatriotActionNetwork to see what their take on the shootings were. Again, unsurprisingly, the discussion on this incident has taken a predictable turn on the PAN forums. As all good Resistnet threads have gone, it started with a “heartfelt” plea from admin Darla DeWald on how this tragedy is a tragedy and should not be an excuse to score political points on any side. And also how this particular thread should be dedicated to praying for the victims and NOT for debating or passing blame:

But like every other thread on Resistnet PatriotActionNetwork though it went from 0 to BLAME-CRAZY in about 7 seconds:

Read more…

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We Killed ResistNet.com!!!!

Ding dong, those bitches are dead! It is true, Resistnet.com is no more! They have rebranded themselves PatriotActionNetwork.com! Don’t think you can go to PatriotActionNetwork.com and snoop around, they haven’t bothered to activate it yet, so the undead corpse of Resistnet.com is still chugging along for a few more weeks. The walking dead.

Resistnet.com was started shortly after Barack Obama was elected president by Grassfire.org, Steve Elliot’s group that makes money off of gullible conservatives. Elliot had the vision to realize that crazy racists would be pissed off and that he could get phat loot from their wallets as they desperately looked to anyone to protect them from the dark skinned fellow in the White House. Resistnet has been getting bad press ever since, spearheaded by Our Crew, back when Politisink was just a feature on the TarsTarkas.NET Blog known as Wingnut Web. We became so well known in connection to Resistnet, links to our articles regularly turned up on first page Google results of Resistnet queries. The quantity of articles continued non-stop, due to the memberbase of Resistnet being full of crazy crazy crazy people who wrote the most racist, violent things you could imagine. And then the moderators would get mad at US for posting what they were doing, instead of bothering to police their site. The stink became so bad they got bad press in mainstream newsites, and their membership has largely stagnated the past year, growing very slowly compared to their first year of life. It’s time to rebrand, lose all that bad press, and try to make money off of the recent election victories. Thus, PatriotActionNetwork was born!

Here is the new PatriotActionNetwork logo. Note the attention to detail:

The detail I am referring to is the quote by Thomas Jefferson, “One man with courage, is the majority”. Except that quote is “One man with courage makes a majority” and was said by Andrew Jackson!!!! That’s the kind of accuracy and Patriotism you can expect from the PatriotActionNetwork!

Despite the slowdown in updates in recent weeks due to several reasons between the various contributors here, we are still committed to bring you the awful awfulness that is the dredges of the political world. And PatriotActionNetwork will have plenty

To the Teabaggers itching to join the PatriotActionNetwork, we have this message for you: Don’t. Lay down your teabags and embrace sanity. Open your eyes to how you are being duped. The Teabagger candidates you just sent to Congress are hiring lobbyists as their chiefs of staffs! Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul don’t care what you think at all! It was all a scam, and they think you are scum. The rich will continue to get richer off your backs.

We will bury PatriotActionNetwork.com like we are burying Resistnet.com – in a shallow grave with no mourners. Resistnet joins Rosanna Pulido on our Butcher’s Bill, but we always have room for more. You can change the name, but you can’t change the stupid. But for now, it’s party time!


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Resistnet posters call for Military Coup again

Yes, again. Resistnet poster Jim Payne posted the following screed where he calls for a military coup:

I appreciate all of your earnest posts here–I know you are trying to do the very best you can to correct this miriade of problems that have become the trademark of this administration and the 111th Congress. Yes, I’ll make my phone calls again–just like I’m being asked to do–again.

But now I have to get some stuff off my chest–again. We have been sending petitions, pink slips, faxes, phone calls, e-mails and everything else (including our money) to D.C. for two years now, especially this last year. I don’t know what it takes to convince ya’ll but at this point (actually a long time ago) I have become thoroughly convinced that the ONLY thing Reid and Pelosi and their crews are really good at is IGNORING us. And I don’t see one whit of evidence that they are gonna change that. Just how much longer are we supposed to keep writing letters and making phone calls? Just how much worse does it have to get before we actually MAKE them do what they should? That same question has been asked a billion times already and we are still doing the same ol’ same ol’. NOTHING LESS THAN FORCE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

Now, there is no doubt that the Tea Party movement was quite effective. It showed us (the citizens) that a lot of us are fed up and that enough is enough. But, Obama, Reid and Pelosi STILL do not get it. They have done their best to ignore the Tea Parties. The only thing they can’t ignore is the fact that the House has flipped. But, even so, they are still just as hard headed about pushing their stupid agenda. There is no doubt in my mind that they adtually want to wreck this Country.

Okay, so what kind of force? Well, we have already “discussed” impeachment and have realized that this is NOT the answer. It took 5 years to just get Clinton’s wrist slapped. That won’t work. Unless somebody has a better suggestion (and if you do, we will be very ready to listen) we need to convince our Military Leaders over in the Pentagon to get their stuff together and do their jobs. Now they are sworn to “uphold our Constitution.” They have the means to stop this administration from just trampling all over our Constitution.

Now, I don’t like the term “military coup” and it wouldn’t have to be a military coup as such. But, Obama has committed so many crimes against this Nation, ’til — well, a military coup would be a much lesser crime than MANY of the things Obama and this administration have already done and are continuing to do. It wouldn’t even have to amount to martial law. If our Top Brass would just appoint somebody to temporarily fill in for the president and then replace a bunch of those other czars etc. with somebody on a temp basis just long enough to get things back to “normal” where we would at least be operating under our Constitution again. Hell, it wouldn’t even have to effect any governmental functions below the federal level. State, County, City governments would not be affected at all.

Now I don’t know exactly what the priorities should be, but for a short time (maybe less than a year) our military appointees could do some things to stop the erosion of our economic system.

They would need to immediately turn our oil production back on. Need to end the Fed and go back to a gold standard. Need to implement the Fair Tax proposal. Need to bulldoze the IRS. Need to turn education and healthcare back over to the states. Need to declare invalid ALL the laws on the books that are in violation of the Constitution. etc. etc. Then when that is done, have a “valid” election and impose term limits. Impose tariffs on imports to put our people back to work in manufacturing etc. Litmus tests on all elected officials: if they are not qualified for a Top Secret Clearance, and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of our founding documents, then they don’t get on the ballot.

Our borders need to be properly managed and immigration laws need to be refined and inforced. As for the muslim problem: At some point we will have to define the Islamic “religion” as an invalid “religion.” Since their Sharia Law is not compatible with and can never co-exist with our Constitution, it will not be recognized as a religion for the purposes of First Amendment rights. If they want to remain in this country, they will have to renounce their Islamic beliefs; otherwise, they are free to either leave or stand trial for treason.

Okay, I’m still listening. I know there should be all kinds of objections. What we need is either a better way (and waiting two more years while we are watching our Nation crumble under this administration is NOT a better way)–or–support for what I am suggesting. God bless our nation. And I have all the faith in the world that He will. Faith can move mountains; we need to grab our shovels and help.

And we have Bart Piscitello calling for chopping off Obama’s head:

To all you dummies out there who believe that they are true patriots by blogging amongst the choir; take notice!

You may as well stand in the middle of the Sahara desert and shout as loud as you can; no-one will hear you..
and if they did, they are not listening.

All of you have failed again.
The point isn’t taxes, govt funding , or school lunches..
When the snake is at your feet, and coiled around your leg, sucking blood and spreading venon, don’t just stand there and
ask for someone to help..


You guessed it:;;obama is your true enemy, Reid, Pelosi, and Rhinos are pawns in the snakepit.
There should be a mass surge to impeach obama and expose his eligibility, and other crimes.
Don’t piddle-dick with any other legislation, lame duck issue or excuses until this is done, not thought about, but DONE.

Use your resources, rallies, monies and God given brains to get this issue done now.
The BS meetings at the white house, are to lull you to sleep. Your new congress is weak; they will show their true colors as soon as they can find a compromise.
The sell-out is probably already made.
obama will stay in place and by executive order run roughshod over all of them.

The snake will have 2 more years to destroy this country.
There’s no-one to stop him..
The courts have failed (recent SCOTUS decision)
The people are failing , your elected officials have failed.

They are talking about jobs, taxes, school lunches, and other irrevelant issues. Unemployment
is self created when people just sit around awaiting for a govt handout.
The people will not return to work, as they have lost all incentive to work under a repressive
illitigiment foreign born so-called muslim president.
Get off your asses and take the axe to the snake’s head.

All of these were found in literally 1 minute of surfing Resistnet.com. Imagine all we’ll find when we look longer than 1 minute.

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - December 1, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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Who invented and created by Hitler?

Who invented and created by Hitler?

A small unidentified non-commissioned officer of Germany becomes the leader of the German people, absurd, but my view is not always komapktno reading lots of articles, I read between the lines and I bring my court, all the rest are fairy tales for young children and the public, but let’s go in order to better understand the facts. I pray that we honestly answer several questions:
1st Who took the money and gold, three days before the “terrorist attack” on America?
2nd Who ordered the war against Saddam Hussein and if Saddam could attack America, absurd! But goals are achieved. Two birds with one stone!
He returned to the position of Head of Government, but welcomed him to another world
Defeat does not mean surrender. Back to the 10 Downing Street became his new obsession. Time magazine 1950th appointed him as a person first half of the 20th century.
President of the Royal Government again became the 1951st year. Memories of the Second World War, which started publishing the 1948th, became an absolute hit. Once he wrote a million words per year on average, the text that would meet about a dozen large books. Churchill has always known how to stay present and engaging the public and politics.
Nobel Prize for Literature won in 1953. year. Disappointment that it was not a prize for peace is not too long. Times have changed dramatically. United Kingdom, however, has never ceased to be an important European country, and global factors, but slipped to the throne, despite all the successes, failed to stop even a brilliant, courageous statesman.
Hitler, Churchill was defeated, but Europe is the world’s wars have done enough to stop being the world center. The real winners of the war were far away from the center of the fallen empire. They sat in the Moscow Kremlin and the White House in Washington.
Stanley Baldwin, president of the British government in his thirties, at a time when Winston Churchill was in the political wilderness, and many looked like the former, described him as a person whom the fairies at birth showered incredible gifts: ingenuity, value, eloquence, ability. Then a fairy, and she worried that no one should be so talented. Decided he was denied the ability of rational deliberation and wisdom. A man who enjoyed the power and the creation of history were the hardest years of age. Winston Churchill was omnipresent in the media, but misunderstood, and often contested. Better and faster than others to recognize what is happening in Europe.

Visit Germany

Very soon after the arrival of the National Socialists came to power in Germany, Churchill was fully recognized what a danger of Nazism. The parliament was thundered against Hitler, and warned against the development of events. Neville Chamberlain, president of the British government after the 1937th, in contrast to Winston, he thought Hitler was just an extreme nationalist. Millions of Germans living outside Germany. If the principle of self-determination understood literally, there are reasons for dissatisfaction. With the policy of appeasement of both sides – the Germans, and Eastern Europeans – certainly could not avoid a new European conflict, held in London.
After the German occupation of the Rhine area 1936th Churchill, who made his name synonymous with fighter against communism and the Soviet Union said that evil must stifle in the cradle, is now focused solely on stopping the Führer. Austria joining the signing of the Munich capitulation, which the Sudeten region 1938th devoted to Hitler, were a key step toward the Second World War.
Hitler was “determined to wipe Czechoslovakia off the map”, I said back in May 1938th year. Winston Churchill in the House of Commons British Parliament 5th listopada 1938th issued Prague assessed complete defeat the British. “Amid the disaster, we first order … All the countries of Central Europe and the Danube valley, one by one, will be drawn into a vast system of Nazi politics. I do not think that this is the end. This is just the beginning “, said lawmakers generally uninterested.

Collapse of the elections

Churchill’s attitude was, if not entirely alone, then certainly far from decisive. Opinion polls showed that 57 percent of Europeans approve the agreement. Only 37 percent of them voted against it. Hitler was, and was named Time’s Man of the Year, an honor that was before him had only FDR and Mahatma Gandhi. The question today is whether Chamberlain was buying time before all the abandoned offices of the armed forces on the island? Hope that the overthrow of Hitler in the meantime, the Germans’ conflicts existed, although they were weak. Would the Germans could do to stop that they decided to hit with force on the threshold? A year later, though still not particularly strong, the British military forces still significantly progressed.
Obviously, and I am torn by doubts, Churchill was in parliament congratulated Chamberlain reached the treaty with Hitler, probably not wanting to antagonize those who could call in the cabinet and the government. Winston Churchill may have seen further, but did not win the election. In his career had been previously the number of failures. For years Moscow has criticized the same words as now Hitler. Musollinijevu Italy for a while praised as an example of organized state. He has a reputation as too independent, and adventurer. Despite the fact that Hitler was constantly demonstrated that Churchill is right, even in the summer 1939th the vast majority of conservatives were against Winston entry into government. All the while it seemed that the policy of appeasement has hope for success, Winston Churchill was out of the cabinet.
“Lord Churchill was easily the best meet,” commented one of the most famous occasion, the daily habits of the British politician Lord Birkenhead. Although it is thought primarily to the best of whiskey and cognac, cigars, meals, expensive hotels and a life of pleasure, but not carnal, some have said that freedom was just part of the “best”, what Winston Churchill allowed to enjoy. Hitler and Nazi Germany began to threaten Britain’s most important value, and so Churchill habits.
Then Hitler intensified its policy and accelerated the change of government in London. German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop was first September 1939. at 10 o’clock in the morning, hours after the Wehrmacht units penetrated into Poland, invited the British ambassador in Warsaw to him said that the hostilities there. The same day, Chamberlain, Churchill was invited to talk on the day of publication of hostilities, Paris and London, Nazi Germany, 3 September, he was appointed first Lord of Admiralty, Minister of Maritime Affairs.
He immediately became visible, loud, but the advocates of peace and remains among the British any more. War of the largest European states was a “fake”. The French in the west had 90 divisions. The Germans only 20, poorly armed, virtually no heavy artillery and tanks. Nothing, however, did not happen. These is the “war” months, more Frenchmen killed in traffic, but in a battle with Germany. Hope was that the Third Reich, I still wish the west, to break the Maginotovoj line, the system of fortifications on the German-French border, and that will ensure British supremacy on the seas. Secured agreement from the east with the Soviets, Hitler now had time boost Wermacht. During this period doubled the number of tanks, half a million more Germans entered the armed forces.
Then on 9 travnja 1940th Hitler invaded Norway and Denmark. A day later invaded the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The French rescue to help their neighbors, but in vain. Chamberlain was the same day the parliament has lost confidence and resigned. The cabinet called on Churchill and Lord Halifax, Foreign Minister. It was put together a coalition government, and it could take only one of them. Winston, never without comment, is now silent, deliberately creating an awkward silence. Everyone in political life, the majority in parliament, the royal couple, a former prime minister, and Halifax are still preferred, but not Churchill.

He slept like a baby

Foreign Minister then said he does not want responsibility. Halifax, who was called Holly Fox – The Holy Fox, was not a weakling, even people who considered themselves less well than Churchill. He dropped probably due to a general attitude that the country needs a dynamic, committed politician, even the irrepressible character. The night after his appointment, despite the news about the bad condition of the French battlefield, Churchill was sleeping great. Finally on the throne, laid in three. “I was aware of the feeling of total availability of relief … impatient waiting for the morning, I slept great with no need for pleasant dreams. The reality was better than sleep, “he wrote in a memoir.
A politician who was in the 65th year came to 10 Downing Street was faced with impossible problems. The French, given the size of the army, should be a serious opponent of the Germans. A week after Winston has traveled to Paris. He was initially in good spirits, and then he sank into depression. The French resistance, eventually, turned out weaker than the resistance of the Poles in September 1939. year. Armored units of General Hans Guderian through the Ardennes mountain range last unusually easy.

Escape from France

On the beaches at Dunkirk squeezed to 335 000 British and French forces. Hitler, however, decided to allow the evacuation. Was it because of the storage tanks or sending messages Britons, historians are still slow. The German leader of the 24th svibnja 1940th commanded deceleration unstoppable progression-panzer units. “The army is the backbone of the Empire,” said Hitler. If we destroy invazijski corpus of British forces, we will break the British Empire, and that the Germans were not wanted at that moment, nor could do. Several years later, at the very end of the war, 26 February 1945., Hitler said that “Churchill was not able to appreciate the sporting spirit that I showed when I refrain from creating irreversible barrier between the British and us. We are, indeed, that they abstained completely not grind at Dunkirk.
British Prime Minister’s probably got a message. “Wars are not receiving the evacuation,” said the parliamentarians after everything ended. Neither the policy of appeasement, which was led by his predecessor. The Germans had to be broken.
In November 1940th arrived in Berlin the Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov. Disagreements Soviets and the Nazis, an ally of the agreement 1939th, there are about Bessarabia, where Soviet troops entered the Hungarian expansion at the expense of Romania. Announced a direct threat in the basement of the Ministry of the German counterpart Molotov Ribbentrop expressed fears about the British response to the remaking of Europe. “England is over. It is no longer a force, “he replied Ribbentrop. “If this is so, why are we in a shelter, and these bombs are falling,” he asked Molotov.
Soon tickets decoded. England hopeful was to Russia, spoke of Hitler. Without Russia’s no question that America would help because it will then increase the influence of Japan. “Russia is a factor that generally plays England … If Russia is gone, the last British hopes will be destroyed.” This was the reason for relatively rapid break the German attack on Britain.
Hitler already did not believe that Air Force may decide the battle for the island, all entered the half-power. The sooner a deal with Stalin, the war in the West will cease. Just as it was, but with a different result than that which Hitler had hoped, but in a sense, and Churchill. The victory of the Allies finally reached in which Churchill was equal, but only the third, least important factor.

Agreement on the Warsaw

WWII German attack began on Poland. Due to the Polish war has entered the United Kingdom. After the German attack on the Soviet 22nd June 1941. European war became the world. Poland, even on a symbolic level, fell into second place at the moment to decide the fate of humanity after the center of power shifted to Moscow and Washington. The fate of the Poles, it was decided long before the conversation Churchill and Stalin in October 1944. year. During the meeting at which the influence of Moscow and London in Yugoslavia split in half, in the USSR were also representatives of two Polish. Prokomunistička, Lublin and London-based, democratic government is awaiting the outcome. Churcill Stalin had previously said it was difficult with the Poles, their political leaders are constantly arguing. “Where there are two Poles, certainly was upset,” said the Briton. “Where is even one Pole, he will not argue with himself out of sheer boredom, has stepped up Stalin. Churchill really wanted a free Poland, and although it borders look different. The Soviets had to be satisfied.
“You are cruel people who want isprevrtati Europe,” said Polish Prime Minister in exile Mikołajczyk Winston Churchill. “Want to win Russia, will allow you to. I feel like in a mental hospital, “replied the Englishman, Pole. Poles question the eastern border was just as important as the defeat of Nazi Germany. Vyacheslav Molotov, standing with Churchill and U.S. Ambassador to Moscow W. Averella Harriman, Mikołajczyk in Moscow, then clearly said that U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt back in Tehran 1943rd agreed with Curzonovom Boundary USSR and Polish.

Hidden blessings

Poles were stunned silence watching time British prime minister, now a famous American diplomat. Silence and nothing was straightforward answer. Somewhat later, in February 1945. After everything was over, Churchill was the Polish General Wladyslaw Anders asked if dissatisfied with the Yalta Conference in which they confirmed the previous agreement. “It is to say that I am not satisfied. I think that happened a great misfortune. Polish people did not deserve such a solution, and we, the fighters, we did not expect. Poland in this war first spilled blood … filed a huge loss. She was an ally of Great Britain from the beginning … “said is true and annoying Pole. Forget that justice and geopolitics are not always the same thing. Churchill said that about all the time you should negotiate with Moscow. Because Polish is perhaps reluctantly started the war with France and Britain, the Germans, but she, like the Czech Republic, were not important enough in themselves to be entered into a bloodbath. Mali and less people sometimes can not clearly see.
In mid-July 1945. Churchill with Harry Truman, and Stalin was at the opening of the most important war meeting the big three at Potsdam. He then traveled to the island, where they were during the parliamentary elections. A day after winning the vote to British Prime Minister woke up around nine, earlier than they used to. Data from the polls were bad. Put on one of sirenskih suits that I invented – jednodijelnih, secured a patent suits, in which the man quickly jumped and guests could not wait naked or in his pajamas – lit a cigar and sank into an armchair faces darken. Regardless of the grit, are plagued by foreboding end. Living without power and the power was not real life, in the political wilderness thirties were sufficiently instructive.
New back winner in the war, a loser at the polls, could hardly be imagined. Clementine’s wife commented that it could be a hidden blessing, a good thing. If so, he replied, Winston, then he certainly has a very well hidden, I do not ever losing a sense of cynicism and subtleties of the English language.

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We are all doomed!!!! (This time it’s totally for real!)

Got a e-mail the other day talking about this trip I hope somebody looks into about what I am to say. And I hope it is not true! But in 10 to 20 days something is going down. I will post here as to what I got. Darla or somebody check this out ? Thanks!

Here is a some info on what is going on. There are so very many people are saying that something very big is going to happen in the next 10-20 days.— -that it would be foolish not to take notice. I am looking / hoping for something good.

Here in summation is what various insiders and people from different ranks and files are saying: (as I write this, it
is being talked about on Fox – Wed – 3rd Nov)
1) Obama has rented a massive luxurious huge 800 room motel in India for a period in November. He also has rented rooms at 3 nearby motels. He will be out of the country & in India for the entire period in question.- November 8th-till the end of the month. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/barackobama/8084055/Barack-Obamas-Indian-delegation-books-800-rooms-in-Mumbai.html

2) A Web bot designer has designed a program that picks up stressors in emails/ news/ articles on the internet. Though he hasn’t always been accurate, he did correctly predicted 9-11. He says all indications of his program strongly point to something HUGE -an event (s)-between Nov 8-14th http://www.ufo-blogger.com/2009/07/latest-web-bot-predictions-2010.html
3) Various financial insiders around the world are saying the US $$ is worthless and are looking for a different base currency and predict a total collapse of the $$ possibly in November, but sometime in the next 4 months. That is NOT a bad thing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n3g5lUgkWk

4) The BRIC countries (Britian, Russia, India and China) are meeting to decide what to use for a currency to take things over and use as a base currency when the inevitable collasp occurs. http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=bric-nations-oppose-us-on-currency-control-2010-10-08
5) the Illuminate (the evil power brokers behind the scene who are in favor of one world tryanny/ dictatorship) are calling an emergency meeting to see if their hope for total one world fascism/ tyrannical government is still possible.
6) Those associated with the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s -(those tyrannical people who own the banks and the Federal Reserve ..those people who make & cause wars for the purpose to make money) and some of their very family members- are separating themselves from these families of organized crime and want no part of their plan to kill off millions of people via immunizations,genetic modified food, chem trails, starvation, depleted Uranium, etc. They have HAD it!! http://www.rense.com/general92/gmo.htm
7) Many inside the White House are talking that Obama will be removed from office during this period by invoking section 4 of the 25th Amendment. Cabinet members and advisors are saying that he is totally lazy, watches ESPN TV all day long, and is disinterested in Presidential duties. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-fifth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution
8) Others say that Obama is standing true to his word to release suppressed technologies and that the black hats want to remove him to keep the suppressed technologes suppressed.
9) Do notice that members close to Obama are leaving their post in Droves. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-09-21/summers-may-leave-as-head-of-obama-s-national-economic-council-in-november.html
10) Benjamin Fulford (he has been the international and Asian financial reporter for Forbes and Money magazine) has friends who are very well connected to the insiders- (the people behind the scenes who actually run our government). He says that many of his sources are saying disclosure is close. He gave out many details here on his web site. http://benjaminfulford.net/2010/10/25/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week-2/
This prompted him to get a call from David Wilcock.
10) David Wilcock ( who also has many friends who are very well connected to the insiders who run the government )again says that disclosure is close. He talked with Benjamin Fulford ( #13) and they compared notes. Both of them have multiple different sources on the inside. Fulford is NOT an Obama fan. So for him to say something good abut Obama… it must be true. Wilcock is an Obama fan. Both of them are saying that Obama is pushing for disclosure and that within 2 weeks we are going to find out (officially) that we are NOT alone, that suppressed technologies exist, what suppressed technologies exist.. and that mom and dad could of been zipping around like the Jetsons 80 years ago! http://stevebeckow.com/2010/10/25/david-wilcock-attack-on-obama-an-insider-campaign-military-ready-to-share-technology-perhaps-disclose/#more-22179
— and —
11)Also that Obama is going to India to make the announcement with & from a country who also supports disclosure… http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2007/11/09/01935.html
12) The Mayan calendar points to a big event in this same period in November.
13) Whether you agree with them philosophically or not… Various intuitives also feel something very big is about to happen
14) As does Numerology –it also points to and says that 11-20-2010 will be very big day/ time
15) Reports say that Illuminate / Bilderberg members are looking for countries of refuge and are being turned away.
16) Multiple sources strongly encourage people to buy dehydrated and or freeze dried food and have enough for a minimum of 6 months. It would be dumb not to. We grow 65 % of our food outside the US now. When the $$ collapses -which is inevitable -we will likely be short and not be able to get food for a period of time. Plus some will hoard and make the supply shorter… Walmart and Cosco are offering freeze dried & dehydrated food for hard times. It behooves you to get some. How long the transition will last is any ones guess. The stores shelves will be bare. This is not to induce fear. Yet there will be a transition period. We must cover our bases. Failing to prepare is just plain stupid.

I am not a fan of Obama, but the one and only thing I hoped Obama would do is release suppressed technologies. Werner von Braun said in 1978 that there is enough sppressed technology to turn the WORLD… not just the US, but the WORLD into a 100 year renassaunce. We need it now! If that is the plan release it next month… we will all be better off.
Perhaps nothing will happen. November may come and go without any event. I just read a lot, and have never seen so many indicators point to a specific time period. So I thought I would let you know.
I wish you and your well,

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Curb Stomp Teabaggers

So now the Teabaggers have moved to actually assaulting people at their rallies. In case you haven’t seen the news, some of Rand Paul’s supporters decided it would be a good idea to beat up a woman named Lauren Valle and stomp on her head at one of his rallies. Video below:

Rand Paul is taking the high role, in that he hasn’t bothered to condemn the assault and isn’t helping identify the attackers. That’s the free market teabaggers for you! From now on, make sure you wear a motorcycle helmet if you see teabaggers nearby!

Luckily, the crazy nuts on the message boards we watch will totally condemn this attack…..NOT! More like they’ll blame the victim then bring up all sorts of imaginary assaults by liberals.

First up is FreeRepublic.com:
http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2614679/posts (this one is entitled “Activist stomped outside Paul-Conway debate (Suspected terrorist tries to approach Rand Paul)“)

Anyone know what the “murder” is he’s talking about?

First of all she was PAID to do this by MoveOn and secondly, they felt she was a threat to Rand.

You know, for two years now we have had to endure the violence on the left, (finger bites, beatings, and even one murder) but someone overreacts and put his shoe on her to stop her from getting up and the internet is all a twitter over it. How much can a person be pushed?

16 posted on Mon Oct 25 2010 22:21:56 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) by CowHampshire (NH, Tea Party, Banking Elite, Obama, Cloward-Piven, Totalitarianism, Fascism, Taxation)

The pot should be boiling really good before this week is over!
We are as close to civil war as you can get without shooting.

23 posted on Mon Oct 25 2010 22:47:18 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) by SWAMPSNIPER (The Second Amendment, A Matter Of Fact, Not A Matter Of Opinion)

To: tlb

Whew… That thing should have had her face stomped on.

42 posted on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 2:16:14 AM by Lancey Howard
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LibLieSlayer is a truly awful human being.

Clearly a case of assault with intent… this bitch was a hit bitch from soros. I hope she suffered some sort of permanent damage.


24 posted on Tue Oct 26 2010 07:53:51 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) by LibLieSlayer (WOLVERINES!)

Would you “feel” that way if the award had been a .380 or a small 9mm semi auto? We cannot take chances and these media planted rubes need to know that our candidates are protected. Try this stunt with a group of aflcio thugs and get back to me… oh wait… there would be no you left to get back to me. I have no pity and no such regrets.

27 posted on Tue Oct 26 2010 07:57:17 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) by LibLieSlayer (WOLVERINES!)

I’d have shot the b**** and been done with it.

58 posted on Tue Oct 26 2010 09:23:12 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) by Lurker (The avalanche has begun. The pebbles no longer have a vote.)

Now wtc911… I made absolutely no personal or derogatory remarks about you… I just disagree with you on this article. Why is it so usual for me to get something wrong? In tens of thousands of posts that I have made, there are literally only a handful of posts where I made a mistake… and I corrected those mistakes and apologized if needed. Can’t we debate this without slipping into personal attacks? Expect none from me.
rachael corey is another one of these leftists that got what she deserved. This woman would have been flogged 200 years ago. America has grown soft… dims and al qaeda have taken notice. Some of us are not so soft… and you will need all of us one day. Mark my words.


66 posted on Tue Oct 26 2010 10:28:28 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) by LibLieSlayer (WOLVERINES!)

If you go in to enemy territory next to people who are passionate enough to get out of their homes and attend a political meeting, regardless of party affiliation, expect to NOT get a warm welcome when you crash the scene.

This is not a political thing, it’s a social thing. If someone did this in a church, wedding, school, funeral, you can bet they will provoke some kind of reaction which was the woman’s intent.

If you are going to go to jail for assault, at least do it right. The woman seemed to walk away with little harm done and mission accomplished. The news is all about her and nothing about the candidate or meeting.

This will now encourage loons everywhere to try this. Next time, send her out in an ambulance and strike some fear in to the hearts and minds of potential interlopers. That would put a stop to such foolish behavior.

81 posted on Tue Oct 26 2010 10:50:25 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) by texan75010

Here is Resistnet crazy person rel find who posted this all over Resistnet.com:

Woman who instigated the scuffle in Kentucky was from movon.org She later admitted that she was disguised-posing as a Paul supporter to get close to him and cause an incident

She was from movon.org and had a wig-disguise on.

She admitted that she was posing-faking just like all dishonest; libs-Dems-ACORN-SEIU-NOW-MALDEF-ACLU, political activists always do, to try and cheat-mislead-lie-steal for votes during election time.

She admitted that she was wearing the disguise and that she had lied about being a Paul supporter, in order to get close to him in that crowd-gathering, so that she could get right next to him and get a picture taken of her giving him some kind of mocking-satyrical award.

The woman, appearing to pose as a Paul supporter and wearing a platinum wig, was stopped from carrying out her moveon.org lib-Dem scam by Paul supporters.

The woman, Lauren Valle, told police she was with the highly politcally active liberal group MoveOn.org. She says she wanted to give Paul what appeared to be a mocking “satirical award” and have her picture taken with the candidate.

Valle said, right before it was found out to be a lib-Dem movon.org scam,

“We are excited to give Rand the employee of the month award because he has been so good at diversity and unemployment solutions,”

Valle told 27 NEWSFIRST she drove to Lexington from Washington, DC. So here we go again with the; lib-Dem, moveon.org, ACORN-SEIU-NOW-MALDEF-ACLU type political tactics.

Rand Paul had nothing to do with whoever was trying to turn back this woman who is a Conway supporter, from harrassing him and the crowd of supporters.

A few people might have overreacted and they shouldn’t have, but … She lied and said she was a Rand Paul supporter to get up close to him and pull some kind of obnoxious politically motivated harrassment move.

She was there looking to start trouble and mangaged to instigate this whole thing, on purpose. It’s not anyone elses fault but the woman who out of the blue took it upon herself to instigate the whole unexpected incident,

amongst a crowd of highly charged-defensive political supporters in the midst of a very contentious election race, very close to the election. She drove all the way from Washington DC to carry out her lib-Dem, ACORN-SEIU-NOW-MALDEF-ACLU type, moveon.org scam-plan.

Anyone associated with any of the above anti-American groups, and who is involved in a high-profile troublemaking incident such as this one on their own, is a highly suspicious character.

Most likely an operative of one or more of those anti-American groups, who was given the plan and marching orders, which she carried out willingly-deceptively-deceitfully, as the libs-Dems-ACORN-SEIU-NOW-MALDEF-ACLU-moveon.org, political activists always do around election time.

It’s time we had a change from the same old tactics from the anti-American-libs-Dems-Conway.

Vote for the right kind of change, pro-American Conservative Rand Paul !!!

This is the curb stomper guy, and his ironic button about not wanting to be tread upon:

via Balloon-Juice, I was not aware that there was a big woo-hoo over some columnist using “curbstomp” in his column, to the point where he had to apologize. And then a real life one happened committed by the same side that was so offended!

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - October 26, 2010 at 11:37 am

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Obama’s lust for power has lead his team to create a Facebook app

Facebook Users BEWARE!
Obama Supporters Launch Misleading Facebook Application
Which Steals Your Personal Information
Now the end begins, CLICK HERE

By Geoffrey Grider • October 24, 2010

Commit fraud. Obama’s lust for power has lead his team to create a Facebook app which data mines your page and steals as much sensitive information
as it can. As you can see from the photo below, it attempts to convince
you to give up everything about you, which is then fed into the Team
Obama database, and WILL be used against you at some future point.

This app wants to know everything about you, including your religious and political beliefs. If you see this app on your page, we highly recommend
you to not only delete the post, but also block the app and then block
the person who posted it to your page. This is war, people, make no
mistake about that. Because Obama’s Team has no intention of taking
prisoners – source – Kashmir Hill/Forbes
**PRIVACY TIP** We urge EVERYONE to go to PRIVACY… then bottom left… Applications and Websites… edit settings….
“Info accessible through your friends”,
Control what information is available to applications and websites when your friends use them.

Thanks to Regulator for posting this info!!!

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - October 25, 2010 at 10:10 pm

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For the record – Politisink HAS Goonies!

So suck it, Resistnet!

Resistnet WISHES they could truffle shuffle like us!

Never say die!

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Wingnut Web – Resistnet Wake up Amer.What are we SHEEPLE ? Edition

So just when I thought it was safe to do a Wingnut Web, I got an email alert from Resistnet about a new thread claiming that Breitbart was telling the NAACP to “go to Hell” or something. Knowing the pack of racist crapeaters at Resistnet can’t resist (pun!) a chance to rant about how “Blacks are the Real Racists!” or “All Blacks are welfare queens!” (almost immediately followed by “Why won’t more blacks join us???”) I clicked. And lo and behold, we got some racism going on! First we’ll have a few random posts that were lying around stinking up my hard drive, and then it’s on to Resistnet’s Cross Burning Party Election ’10!

Kill Whitey and/or Asiany! Also Obama has no white in him, I heard it on the internet!

It’s the sad story of a self-hating Latino. And he’s a Militia dude!

Wake up Amer.What are we SHEEPLE ?
Read more…

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